I have played guitar, bass and drums and performed in bands since I was a teenager but only discovered the ukulele in 2011. I found that the instrument inspired me to write songs in a way I have never felt inspired before. I love that the ukulele can be so versatile both in the studio and in a live environment: it can be vulnerable, heavy, beautiful and powerful. My songs are inspired by the spaces we find ourselves in both physically and emotionally. I love experimenting with effects such as delay and reverb and adding layers of vocal harmonies and textures from the ukulele to create songs.

My debut album of original songs is called THE PASS OF STORMS and features 4 and 8-string ukulele, vocals, bass and percussion. It was recorded at The Woolpack Studios, Otley.

The album was released 15th October 2016 on CD, iTunes and Spotify.

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